Our Team

We are a group of researchers, software engineers and former HR/staffing professionals who understand how important the CTO-VC relationship is. We have been working with startups, entreprenuers and the venture community for over 20 years.


Our Focus

It all started at the end of the Dot Com era...2000-2001. A VC suggested the biggest problem he had was "keeping track of CTOs". He went on to explain how difficult it was to vett out the CTOs in his protfolio and keep track of the best ones. CTOs by nature are always thinking about the next best thing, and over 50% will go on to be a founder within five(5) years. Keeping track of the best CTOs is difficult, and that is even before you try to get introductions into Rock Star CTOs not in your portfolio. That is where CTOTracker comes in...Contact Us and let us show you how we do it.

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